Old Time Boxing

Old Time Boxing is a 5 piece rock band from Southern Indiana. Ryan Connors (singer) spent the early and mid 00’s writing and recording solo EPs and full lengths on a Fostex 8 track recorder under the moniker The Mutineers, sending unsolicited discs to friends and family members. Stuart Davis (lead guitar) played in the Indie Rock band Pre Delorian Doc Browns between 2003-2006 and continues to record modular synth and ambient music as Pouter (the Fancy Pigeon). Alex Rang (drums) formerly played in the punk Rock band 5:41. Their song Days Left Burning can be found on the Higher Steps Records Presents….Volume 1 compilation. Derek Osborne (bass) has wandered the earth as a true troubadour, accruing life experiences from California to the coast of Maine to the Virgin Islands before settling down in sunny Indiana. His bass lines and free spirit flow like a river through this band. Kevin Halter (synth) provides huge impact in the bands first EP release (Old Time Boxing), evident with his strong presence through each track. These 5 men, independently wandering through an empty Indiana field on a cold December evening in 2020, found each other and started a band.

Ryan Connors - Vocals and guitar
Stuart Davis - Lead Guitar
Alex Rang - Drums
Kevin Halter - Synthesizer
Derek Osborne - Bass